About Angah

Angah Doorgift and Printing Sdn Bhd is a Bumiputera Company established by two successful graduates from UPM Serdang with a degree in Bachelor of Arts majoring in Business Management. This in which has corresponded effectively to the current field of business being exploited.

We focus primarily on the printing, manufacturing and importing of doorgifts (souvenirs) from the neighbouring country.

Before the establishment of the Company, we owned a single ownership parent Company that has been operating for five (5) years in the industry with good business conditions and opportunities for further development and growth. Therefore, Angah Doorgift and Printing Sdn Bhd were established with the objective to leverage the available opportunities and further expand the current business.

Our Primary Focus

Our primary focus of the business is on printing, book printing and souvenirs to be made as doorgifts. In our printing service, we provide services such as printing of boxes, activity books, catalogs, program books as well as Yasin books via digital printing. On the other hand, we do provide a manufacturing service in designing and printing of hardcover book to cater the demand of premium customers.

We do import materials to make the doorgifts such as paperbags, organza bags etc. that was purchased directly from Overseas. We leverage on the concept of direct marketing to both agents and customers to ensure precise communication are delivered and to ensure that the monthly target profits are met.